Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How Do Genetics Work?

I was sick on Friday, May 19th. I was doing catch up work for science, and my mom was helping me. Science has never been my best subject, but my mom loves science and was helping me. It was pretty easy for her. I was thinking about the huge difference between us, and I also thought about how my dad is really good at sports, and I have never been good at any sport. I also thought about how I have red hair, and neither of my parents do. My mom's grandma and my dad's grandpa have red hair. How does this work? Why do some genetics, like the way our smile is compared to our parents, you have, but some genetics don't get passed down to you? It is an interesting question.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Roots are Helping Me!

Yesterday, for my language arts homework, I did a Read Theory. When I was doing the questions part, I came across a question that asked for the definition of a word I didn't know:

Based on its use in paragraph 1, it can be inferred that the word portentous belongs to which of the following word groups?
 highlight text
A. tragic, disastrous, terrible
B. terrifying, nefarious, evil
C. serious, melancholy, solemn
D. imaginary, fictitious, pretend

E. premonitory, ominous, threatening
To figure out the answer, I found a root word in portentous, which was port. I know that port means carry, so I thought maybe it carried a ominous feeling. I looked at the answers, and there was   ominous in answer E. I selected that, and I got it correct.