Monday, March 13, 2017

How Does Forgetting Things Work?

In math 6Plus class, we have recently started a unit about angles. I remembered that we did this same unit in 4th grade. I assumed that we are doing this because a ton of kids are forgetting about angles and teachers want us to review it so we can remember everything and succeed in future schools, such as high school and college. I was thinking about how we forget these things so easily.

I also started thinking about how we remember things we enjoy so easily. I can't remember the definition of an adjacent angle of a period of time, although I can remember how to play Roblox from when I played it in 2015. How does that work?

Basically my wonder question was how does forgetting and remembering work? And why do I seem do remember the things I enjoy easier than the things I don't enjoy as much?

My next blog post I hope is going to be about something I learned is social studies. I will tell more about what I am learning later!

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  1. Hey Jamie!

    I LOVE your post. Absolutely love it. How DO we remember and forget things -- and what things are we more likely to remember/forget?

    I'm also curious about what a "memory" is at all? Is it a thing that is stored in our minds? Is it an emotion? Is it permanently in our minds or do we "call them up" based on the situations we find ourselves in?

    You've got my mind wondering right now!

    Mr. F