Monday, March 13, 2017

How Does Forgetting Things Work?

In math 6Plus class, we have recently started a unit about angles. I remembered that we did this same unit in 4th grade. I assumed that we are doing this because a ton of kids are forgetting about angles and teachers want us to review it so we can remember everything and succeed in future schools, such as high school and college. I was thinking about how we forget these things so easily.

I also started thinking about how we remember things we enjoy so easily. I can't remember the definition of an adjacent angle of a period of time, although I can remember how to play Roblox from when I played it in 2015. How does that work?

Basically my wonder question was how does forgetting and remembering work? And why do I seem do remember the things I enjoy easier than the things I don't enjoy as much?

My next blog post I hope is going to be about something I learned is social studies. I will tell more about what I am learning later!

Monday, March 6, 2017

I'm Proud Of... My Science Test Grade

I got my science grade on Friday. I was really nervous about getting my grade because I got a 68% on my science benchmark, and I really wanted to do better. I studied really hard for this test, and I got a great outcome. I got a 91%! I was really proud of my grade because science has always been my worst subject, and all of my studying and more studying has really paid off. I wanted an A so bad on this test, and I learned that if you work really hard towards something, anything is possible!!